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If you're a parenting tired of seeing happy, glowing reviews for baby products then you've found the right place! We are parents ourselves and it's very important to us that we be honest about our reviews. The reviews aren't going to sugar coat anything so we can sell you something. We are here simply to give you our honest experience with any certain product for babies/parents. So ready, get set, baby product review time!

Baby Einstein Videos :We received the entire set of baby Einstein videos as a gift for our baby. Below is my honest review of these videos and whether I would recommend them to you.

Avent Isis Breast Pump : Being a first time mom I had everyone and their mother (literally) offering their opinion on products to buy. One of those products was the breast pump and which to use. I had women tell me electric, women that told me manual, and woman that told me not to use any.

Avent Feeding Bottle : Although my son was breastfed I did pump and bottle feed as I returned to work part time for a few months. The bottles I started with was the avent feeding bottle.

The Happiest Baby on the Block : This was one of the best gifts we received and was a life saver for the early months of my sons life. From the moment he came into the world he didn't want to be left alone or be away from me for a second.

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